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Basics of Cold Saw Technology for Pipes and Tubes

Updated: May 13, 2020

What is a Cold Saw?

Cold sawing uses a circular blade to remove material while transferring the generated heat to the chips that are created by the saw blade. A cold saw utilizes either a solid high-speed steel (HSS) or tungsten carbide-tipped (TCT) blade turning at low RPMs.

Contrary to the name, HSS blades are rarely used at very high speeds. Instead, their main attribute is hardness, which gives them high resistance to heat and wear. TCT blades are more expensive but also extremely hard and capable of operating at even higher temperatures than HSS. This allows TCT saw blades to function at even faster rates than HSS blades, dramatically reducing cutting time.

Cutting quickly without generating excessive heat and friction, cold sawing machine blades resist premature wear that could affect the finish of cut parts. In addition, both types of blades can be resharpened and may be used many times before being discarded. This long blade life helps to make cold sawing a cost-effective method for high-speed cutting and high-quality finishes.


The speed of the cutting saw has to be adjusted based on the following parameters

  1. Material Type: Different materials have different properties and hence needs to be cut accordingly.

  2. Profile: The Shape of the material and the thickness of the tube also requires different cutting speeds.

The following table can be referred for adjusting machine speeds to suit the material to be cut.

Tooth Profile and Number of Teeth Selection

Another important factor in ensuring long blade life and clean burr free cutting is to determine the number of teeth and tooth pitch. Follow the below table to determine the number of teeths according to the Diameter of the saw blade and select the correct tooth pitch according to the material to be cut.


Tooth shape is also a very important factor which determines the number of cuts per resharpening and also helps in a burr free clean cut. Following are the various tooth forms along with their application. These Forms Require High Quality Automatic Circular Saw Sharpening Machine to achieve correct Shape and Profile.

If you have any further question or require any help regarding cutting and other processes of pipes and tubes please feel free to shoot your enquires to

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